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Ian McKay, Greg Koenig, Natala Goodman, Larry Phill and I set off with the intent of climbing Luahna Pk. on the weekend of July 10-11. The plan was to use a high route-sheep trail as described in the Crowder book. This route goes up over the 6100' saddle below Mt. Clark's false (east) summit, and follows a sheep trail around to the basin below Clark, and then contours around again into the next basin below Luahna. From the saddle the trail is well established, and we followed it to the basin below Clark. Here the route drops to 5700' to round some cliffs. We stopped before dropping down, and did some reconnoitering, as we noticed there was no evident sheep trail up on the other side of the basin. Dropping further down out of the basin would have been a much longer route, and in the tangleweeds as well. It was getting late, so we decided to retreat to the saddle to make camp. This messed us up for the Luahna attempt the next day. So, since the rest of the crew had to be back in town the next night, and had already climbed Clark, Larry and I climbed it Sunday, and had a leisurely trip out Monday. We ended up going back the same way since descending the usual chute from 7300' was out.......filled with snow. In better light that morning, we did notice a very faint trail high on the other side of the basin, but on very steep terrain. The Crowder description is sketchy, but I suspect the route went lower through the brush, and is now overgrown. The weather changed a bit during the day on Clark, so we didn't see much to the west or north. which is evident in the photos.